Beach Basics is a set of 3 courses designed to teach you how to follow Jesus step by step.  We want to help you know Jesus, connect relationally, grow spiritually, and begin dreaming of all God can & wants to do through you.

(All 3 courses are offered every other month and include a meal & childcare)

DECIDE                coming soon
DISCOVER          coming soon
DREAM TEAM     coming soon


Water Baptism
Beach Basics
Life Groups
Bible Reading
Join a team


We believe Growing People, Get with People
We aren’t a church with Life Groups. We are a church of Life Groups.

We know it all too well. People try out a church, and maybe attend for years. But they don’t feel connected to anyone. They can feel like they are just a faceless number. This is a big deal around here. We want every person who come to Orchard Beach to know they belong here. They are part of the family. And this happens when you join a Life Group.

Life Groups meet weekly for friendship, support, and spiritual growth. In each group, there are people of all ages, background, and faith level. Everyone has a story. And your story is best shared with others.

Life Groups are an excellent way to grow in your relationship with Jesus. Life Groups provide intentional relationships with people who you can grow with as you learn and apply Bible teaching each week.

Groups meet at various times and locations. Normally they meet at night throughout the week, and at a group member’s home. Each group has its only character, but they all have elements of bible centered teaching and discussion. Groups pray together for needs. And they live life together! What is better than for a small group of people who you can celebrate with, work with, and even cry together.

If you’d like to know more about what groups are currently open, or just to find out a little more about our Life Groups, CONTACT US.

Our current Life Groups are linked here.